Services for personnel accounting


Nowadays payroll accounting is influenced by constantly changing conditions and can be seen as one of the most complicated subject matters of the fiscal law. This includes questions about income tax law, as well as issues relating to labour and social insurance.


As a qualified payroll accountant, I will gladly make available my longstanding professional experience. You can benefit from a greater reliability of accounting, rapid evaluation and professional completion of the following services:


  • IT-supported (BMD) and ongoing payroll accounting
  • Classification in pay scheme
  • Timely registration and deregistration of employees
  • Ongoing administration of vacation and sick leaves
  • Offsetting overtime, bonuses, and travel expenses
  • Calculation of remuneration for vacation leave, holidays, and sick leave
  • Executions / third party debtor declaration
  • Notifications to health insurances, resp. communication with authorities
  • Accounting of business transactions relating to personnel accounting (pay slips and receipts for salary, external accounting etc.)
  • Monthly evaluation of overall costs
  • Online connection to social insurance agencies and tax authority
  • Competent advice relating to legal matters of labour and social insurances in connection with personnel accounting